Dear Friends,

America is stunned and horrified following the news about so many innocents gunned down on Friday in a Newtown Conn. elementary school.

The sadness, pain and horror when watching a man, gunning down innocent, playful, angelic and helpless children devastates us in a singular way.

Why? How? For what?

Questions. No answers. Just pain. And shock.

Today, our hearts, minds and prayers are with the devastated families, the crushed parents, relatives and communities affected by this massacre. Our community joins a nation in shock to express our deepest condolences and sympathies to so many people whose lives will never be the same.

In the aftermath of this dark tragedy, my desire to do something, anything, to make a meaningful difference burns within me. I’m sure you probably feel the same way.

So join me please, in a universal act of goodness and light, this last day of Chanukah.

The Chanukah lights celebrate the power of good over premeditate evil there were plans to eliminate an entire people. The menorah’s flames carry a message we need to hear and share widely, especially now, when the sadness of recent events still weigh heavily on our hearts.

As a parent, I am speechless and heartbroken in the face of such utter evil towards innocent children, and I pray for the schoolchildren, their parents and teachers, and I pray for a time when this world will know no evil.

That’s why I’m asking you to join me on the last day of Chanukah, to do a Mitzvah in loving memory of the precious souls and in honor of all the people whose lives will never be the same.


Rabbi Fishel & Ettie Zaklos