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Dear Friends,

After my sharing the story about the Clementine in last week's e-mail, I was gratified to have received so many refreshing responses from people prepared to post my bail if and when needed!

So I will share with you another story that I found fascinating. I was at my desk two weeks ago, when my assistant told me that someone was waiting in the lobby. I was not expecting anyone at that time, so I went out and a gentleman asked me, “ Are you Rabbi Fishel Zaklos?”

After I replied "Yes", he said, "I'm coming to give you regards from your cousin Rabbi Fishel Zaklos from Croatia." 

"What?" I replied, astounded. 

He told me that while he was on a trip to Croatia passing one of the busy streets, he bumped into a young, energetic individual. They struck up a conversation about life and soon he put on Tefillin and did a little praying. He then mentioned to him that he lives in Naples, FL and the stranger, who turned out to be my cousin immediately said, "Hey, I have a cousin in Naples who is also Rabbi Fishel Zaklos. You must go and give him personal regards!"

Now here was this gentleman telling me that he had been in Naples for six years and had never heard of us! And I thought we did such good advertising!

He had to go all the way to Croatia to find his beautiful home here. 

So first, I want to thank my cousin for spreading the word about the “world famous Chabad of Naples” and making sure that everyone knows and realizes the warmth and joy of our special Chabad.

Secondly, if anyone is going to Croatia, let me know — or he will find you anyway!

The third item is, that sometimes in life we are already surrounded by beautiful blessings growing right in our own backyard, whether it may be family, community or our spouse. Occasionally we feel we are missing something and exhaust ourselves, traveling far and wide, just to find what we seek is here in front of us. Live to enjoy the moment, open yourself to experience the wonders and blessings that are around you and immerse yourself in them. Is there a lesson in this, about taking our good fortune for granted? I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments.

Many were asking what I thought the lesson was from the clementine and the delay, coming late to the wedding. Do you have any thoughts to share about this?

Often when we spend days and months anticipating a great event like our March 3rd Gala, the result can be even better and much more exciting than expected. Your participation is one thing that will enrich the evening. When you open your hearts and are actively involved personally, you will have a much more meaningful experience. Here is your opportunity to express your appreciation to Chabad for all that is being done for the children and to celebrate the launch of the mini-site. Take a moment to explore this site, and keep your eye on next week's mail for your invitation.  Click here to view the site for the gala eveing on Sunday, March 3, 2013.


With blessings and hugs,

Rabbi Fishel & Ettie Zaklos