Rabbi Fishel's weekly message - Our lives are so unique!

Dear Friends,

Are you the handy person around the house? Every house should have one, but if you asked me if I fill that role I'd have to say, "Absolutely not!" In fact, after 10 years of marriage Ettie doesn't even ask to me change a light bulb! However, I can master dishes.

I am very fond of this week's Torah reading: so why would I enjoy a Torah portion which basically talks about construction, lots of plans, dimensions, nails and hammers that were used to build the sanctuary?  It's because the Torah goes on in such great detail. In fact, one Torah portion does not suffice — but it goes on with a second.  To me, it seems to relate to each one of us and our lives, and the story of building the incredible Chabad of Naples. You see, this was when the Jewish people realized that to build a home it would not be easy and it would involve all of us, rolling up our sleeves and getting the job done. The details are important; every contribution (which is the name of the Torah portion) big or small is huge.

But what the Torah reminds us is that what is more important to G‑d is how we take care of the small things in our lives, saving a place for what is seemingly insignificant. This is what makes our homes and our lives so unique.

Reflecting on the past nine years, this is what Chabad of Naples is all about: it was the small but major everyday things that have created this spiritual home. So let's all celebrate!  We want and need each and every one of you, to join personally and celebrate this special time with us.

Wishing you a special and beautiful Shabbat,


Rabbi Fishel & Ettie Zaklos