From the desk of the Director 

  Ettie zaklos  


Dear Parents:


As the old saying goes, "All good things must come to an end!"  Another old saying is, "Thanks for the memories!"

We had such a great time together with the 130 children we were fortunate enough to have in our exciting program. We are sending a special "thank you" to all the parents for entrusting us with their exceptional children. Each day was a treasure trove of memories for us to cherish.


We could never be such a success without our most professional, dedicated and loving staff who were on hand, caring for the children every moment of every day during Summer of the Arts.  Looking after the children could be seen as hard work, but you would never know it if you ever observed the sheer joy and excitement on everyone's faces throughout the weeks of non-stop fun and activity.


Yesterday, the children presented an awesome final performance and we, as well as they, appreciated all the parents and grandparents who attended.


We are definitely ending Summer of the Arts on a high note, and believe it or not, are capitalizing on this momentum to begin planning Summer of the Arts 2014!  The countdown is on!


We are constantly looking for ways to improve our existing programs and to make our campus grounds an even better experience for our children.  Call us to find out how you can help, or to see our wish list.  If you would like to donate to improve our children's program, click here. Thank you!


Sincerely and gratefully,





Ettie Zaklos