Rabbi Fishel's Message - Miracles


Dear Friend,

Do you believe in miracles? Have you ever witnessed one - or - did you give it another name, like "a coincidence"?

We read about miracles in the Torah, but how would you like to experience one in real life?  Look at this this way:  every breath of life is a miracle.  

Many events that bring us to a specific place at a specific time might seem to have been accidental or a result of coincidence, but just think about it: what is a coincidence, if not a miracle in which G‑d chooses to remain anonymous?

A miracle by any other name is still a miracle.

This past Sunday I was fortunate to bless a bride and groom under the canopy in Santiago, Chile. During that time the meaning of a miracle suddenly became clear.  When groom Jake Rich from Naples and bride Ariela Bitran came together, the marriage really was "made in heaven".

 How much more proof do we need that every day, millions — if not billions of little events engineered by G‑d come together as coincidences, so that people who were made for each other since the beginning of time are united? Think of how often this happens in our personal lives when seemingly unrelated people and events collide.

Every event in a marriage, whether large or small, may be seen as some kind of significant miracle.  In the beginning we treasure every happening as  a miracle, while the true miracles may be when they stand the test of time and endurance.

One of my wife's little kindnesses includes being sure I have proper food at the right time. Like when I am traveling out of the country. During my trip to Chile it was heartwarming to discover an assortment of delicacies. But not so heartwarming, was my effort to explain to Chilean customs officials the presence of a clementine.  Many explanations and hours later, a four-page citation in hand and a promise never to do it again, I was excused with no fine or jail time!

Here at Chabad Naples we focus on all the seemingly small mitzvot that add up to the larger feelings of warmth and contribute to the heimish touch that is so unique. Try to create little miracles within your own marriage and life:  the joy of the unexpected thoughtfulness will make a world of difference.

Wishing you all an incredible Shabat,

Rabbi Fishel & ETtie Zaklos


 The Clementine:)




The wedding!


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