Celebrate in style!


Avraham! He's the hero in this week’s Torah reading and let me tell you why:    

He lived a successful life, was a kind husband and was good to his children,  He was a serial entrepreneur and established many philanthropic organizations which enhanced his community, society, and the world.  Yet at age 75, he was told go out of his comfort zone and create new opportunities.


Now imagine how Avraham felt for a moment: he’s just sacrificed so much, he practically championed goodness and g-dliness for so many years and  now he is told: you must think differently, you must think bigger and in new ways. Being Avraham, he did so and he changed civilization. He was rewarded and it enhanced his life and his surroundings.


For the past two months we at Chabad Naples were wondering how we could surpass the past nine years of our annual Chanukah festival. Just think about it: the jelly bean menorah, a 35-foot menorah built by a Catholic man, the menorah on top of the dungeon ride at King Richard's, a balloon menorah, a Lego menorah, a bowling pin menorah.  What can we possibly do this year, to surpass our past accomplishments?


We have to step out of our comfort zone after reading this week’s Torah portion, which gave us guidance to think in different ways. Not only are we thinking out of the proverbial box,  but we are also going to soar to new heights.  We are excited to announce our new and innovative Chanukah Menorah for this year, another unique experience for the community from the famous Chabad Center of Naples.


Are you ready for this announcement?


Together with the good folks at Sunbelt Rental we bring to you an original, one-of-a-kind  menorah that will be created right here - - a huge 25- foot scissors lift menorah.


How does it work?

Celebrate Chanukah 

We will have eight regular scissors lifts and one longer serving candle, extending to 40 feet. "One - two” - and at the sound of "three", the lifts will rise and the menorah will be created.  Each lift/candle will extend 25 feet high and  the serving candle will be higher than that.


What an  exciting way to generate  new energy into the Chanukiah! 


We are offering eight companies, individuals or organizations the unique opportunity to sponsor one scissors lift/ candle which will be prominently displayed at the event with your company logo on the banner and you will be able to join the lighting.

Click here to learn more. We already have two companies locked in, so step up to claim your candle! Rise just as the scissors lift and both you and your community will be inspired. 


Now on a personal level, when we think we have done so much and, “Been there, done that, got the T-shirt no need to go back,”  Avraham says there is more to do.  Thus inspired by this week's Torah portion,  don't just think out of the box, climb out  - rise above the mundane and let your creative light shine, and soar to new heights and you will be shown the promised land.


Let’s all look for new opportunities, to work together to bring light to our community. 


Shabbat Shalom!

Rabbi Fishel & Ettie Zaklos

Click here to learn more about the Menorah!