Chanukah 2012 Recap

I learned to place great emphasis on publicizing the miracle of Chanukah as a child, and continue to do so with our children..

The candles are kindled at dark, when they will show off the best light, and the candelabra is set in a prominent location for all to see. 

Why do we, a usually modest and low key people, seek to draw attention to the miracle of Chanukah? 

Perhaps we should consider other aspects of light, and how the candlelight can help us reveal not only what is around us, but also what is within us. There are wondrous personal miracles occurring constantly in our lives that could influence others: let's share those positive experiences.

This year we were privileged to bring Chanukah light and enlightenment to many corners of the community in a variety of ways,  

Here are just a few of them:  we began by lighting the first candle, with a personal family night.

Then we were hosts to our entire community as we hoisted our giant scissor lift Menorah before hundreds of participants.  

From there, 10 Chabad rabbis were invited to light a Menorah and play before a Miami Heat vs Golden State Warrior game.

Our light and enlightenment spread even further, as we were honored to be invited to Tallahassee, to represent Florida's Jewish community by kindling the Menorah at the Governor's Mansion.

Friday night we began to enclose the circle by returning to our Naples Chabad home for a Shabbat dinner with over 100 people from teh community.

As we celebrate the last day, we will be looking within and without, to think of those who may be facing personal illness, loss and hardship, and praying for their pain to be eased.

Sometimes we don't have to look very hard or very far for miracles:  we might be surrounded by them.

Rabbi Fishel & Ettie Zaklos



Rabbi was honored to light the Menorah at the Governor's Mansion!    



10 Chabad rabbis were invited to help light a Menorah and play before a Miami Heat vs Golden State Warrior game. 

 Miami Heat 2.jpg

 Miami Heat 1.jpg