Rabbi Fishel - Weekly message - Memory of my childhood

A fond memory I have as a child growing up in Detroit, is of my mother making really delicious kasha.  After putting away a hearty portion, we would go outside in the freezing cold and share some of our treat with the birds. This special act taught me to love and respect animals. Why would I mention it on  this Shabbat?

Our current Torah portion occurs as the Jewish people cross the sea and begin to sing legendary hymns of praise  to G‑d.  Suddenly they are accompanied by a backup chorus of chirping birds.

The commentaries go on to say that as they crossed the sea, the children picked the miraculous fruit and fed the birds that celebrated with them. For this reason, the Sages instituted that on this Shabbat, referred to as the Shabbat of Song, one should instruct children to feed the birds in appreciation for the joyous chirps they offered during our moment of salvation.

This Shabbat we also celibrate the holiday of Tu B'Shevat - The New Year for the Trees. Do you remember as a child, saving your pennies to buy trees to be planted in Israel in honor of the holiday?  

Feeding the birds and saving pennies for trees:  two small, unrelated Mitzvot.

As parents and/or adults today, we are fortunate to have so many young lives under our care, with preschool and Hebrew School, and to be able to influence them with positive experiences of sharing and caring, and guide them towards a future of true leadership. Sometimes small events lead to large dividends.

On March 3,  our Gala Event, presents you with a golden opportunity to once again invest your pennies in growth:  in the Chabad Garden, you can nourish, sustain,  and watch your investment grow, Just as a tree spreads its limbs and reaches for the sky, children in the Chabad programs will flourish both mentally and physically into an admirable adults. We need your help to be able to offer all the healthy cultural, emotional, and educational opportunities to our children. Please plan to participate in this event

Wishing you a Shabbat Shalom,

Rabbi Fishel & Ettie Zaklos