Dear Friends,


I have a confession to make: as you may know, I am a basketball fan! Game 6 of the NBA championships inspired me in a real way. As many people said, it was one of the best Finals games ever! Why? With the Miami Heat down by 5 points and 26 seconds left in the game, facing elimination, they just didn’t give up.

To make the story short: with just 5.6 seconds left in the game, Ray Allen scored a 3-pointer to tie the game and push it into overtime and eventually a win for the Heat. So what inspired me? Well, when you're facing elimination and you're down 5 points (that's huge) and with only  26 seconds left to the game ----the Miami Heat didn’t give up. They came out of the timeout with their heads high:  they believed, they pushed, every second counted, and it led them to their title last night. 

I remember hearing a story about a huge NY Jets football fan who would watch every game live. On one occasion when a serious appointment prevented her from watching it, she asked her friend to record it for her but she told her, " When you give me the tape don’t tell me who won, because I want to watch it as if I am watching live for the first time."

When her friend handed her the recorded tape she nonchalantly said, “By the way, the Jets won.”

As disappointed as she was to have lost the moment, she still hoped to watch it as if it were live.

At half time, her Jets were down 17 points – yet she went calmly to the kitchen and was cooking something and singing to herself and wondering, what’s going on? Normally if this were live I’d be pulling out my hair and going crazy. How is it that I am so calm? The answer of course, was because she knew the Jets would win. 

It’s not always easy. Life is tough, throws us curve balls. When we are down 17 points or even 30, (in our own lives) the greatest gift is to hold our heads high, keep a positive mindset,  and continue to persevere - - and we will see that we will win. Although we may not always have all the answers, how many times can we look back and say to ourselves:  “Why did I worry all those years? If only I had known then what I know now and how things would turn out….." 

When we have that perspective of Champions then we can be recipients of the amazing positive blessings that surround us.

Wishing you a shabbas of getting your own ring!

 Rabbi Fishel & Ettie Zaklos