Dear Friends,


As world Jewry commemorated the Rebbe's 19th yahrzeit (anniversary of passing) this week, I joined  with tens of thousands flocking to his Ohel - burial site, from all over the globe, There I prayed for our community and for the so many who asked me to pray on their behalf. 

I sometimes wonder why the Rebbe touched our hearts so deeply.  Perhaps, in part, it was because when the Rebbe looked at us, we realized that he saw an elevated version of whom we might become. He reminded us, often without saying a word, that we had the potential to become focused and inspired people. He made us realize that it was possible for us to become what we were supposed to be - images of G‑d, here to make His world a holy place. 

The Rebbe was the most loving and accepting person imaginable. His love for every Jew - and for humanity - was unconditional. At the same time, he was also the most demanding leader imaginable. Of each person he encountered he demanded growth and empowered him to reach his full potential which, he insisted, was manifold of what their own self-perception was. 
As part of Chabad of Naples family, you reap the benefits of his driving force that encourages us daily to win and to enable as many as possible to live life to the fullest. His precious soul continues to inspire each of us to be all we can be.

With love and blesings,

Rabbi Fishel & Ettie Zaklos