Mazal Tov means "Good Luck / Good Fortune"


 Dear Friends,

Time! We talk and think about time a lot, and there is so much that can be said and discussed about it, that we shall have to save some for  another weekly e-mail. From the true Torah perspective, there is no such thing as 'real time' and 'in-between time'. But  all of time is real; every moment is crucial. Every segment of our lives, no matter how fleeting or temporary, has a center, a purpose, an objective in and of itself. It is what G‑d wants from us now, at this moment, and possesses meaning and magic all its own.

I feel that since you - our weekly e-mail readers and the Chabad Naples family - are all part of our family, I can share with you that it’s my Hebrew birthday tonight (no, I am not telling you how old I am, but I am getting old) and it says that one’s luck, his constellation, dominates on a birthday.  It's a very special time for that individual and he will have special energy, so it’s my opportunity to take this moment and thank you, our dear friends and family. In Jewish tradition there is a custom to say "Mazal Tov" on the occasion of one's birth or any other happy occasion. The words Mazal Tov mean "Good Luck / Good Fortune" (Mazal - Luck, Tov - Good) . It is because of the meaning of Mazal Tov, that on a person’s birthday he is blessed with  Good Mazal and  good fortune. (His Mazal shines, so yes, I will being buying a lottery ticket.) 

With this in mind,  I would like to share with you, some of this Mazal, some of this good luck. I must tell you that the  greatest compliment I get about the Chabad Naples family is that there is a true feeling of friendship and family. We celebrate with each other, we sympathize with each other, and share in all the life events that families experience.  And as we continue to grow, the only thing that changes is the warmth that intensifies, and the friendships that become more solidified.  So I want to bless each and every one of you personally; if you want a special blessing personally, come tomorrow to the shul (shameless plug for services but they say the services and the Kiddush are pretty good). 

I want to wish that you and your family  should have all the blessings for health and true happiness.

I would also like to take this moment and wish a very Happy Anniversary to:

 •          Our dear President Avraham Moshe and his wife Ellen Seigel

 •          Ellen Savage and Sam Savage


These special people have nurtured,  cultivated, and beautified Chabad of Naples together with you, and we are celebrating all the the special simchas.

And while I mention time and simchas, there is an opportunity to put your special day or a greeting in a Calendar which tells you all the special dates that  have special significance.  Click here to publish it in the The Jewish Art Calendar.

In that spirit also, we wish a hearty Mazal Tov to the incredible students Pre-K Picasso students, who all graduated from Preschool. We are so proud of their amazing achievement.


Wishing you a Shabbat Sahlom,


Rabbi Fishel Zaklos