Dear Friends,

 This week, we began with the Partnership Appreciation Brunch where we appreciated seeing so many people and sorely missed those who were unable to attend. Everyone seemed to have a rollicking good time, enjoying the excellent food, music, and company (and the short speeches!). See pictures below. 

We see the Partnership in action every time the preschool, Hebrew school or camp open their doors, during the Men's Club and the Women's Circle meetings, while holding a Minyan for a Yahrtzeit, while our social services are helping others, and countless other times in the community. 

With so much going on and so much to do, I found myself wondering why G‑d designed us to spend almost one-third of our lives in much needed sleep. What a waste of valuable time from our preciously short journey here on earth! Did you ever think about that? 

If we didn't sleep, there would be no tomorrow. Life would be a single, seamless today. Our every thought and deed would be an outgrowth of all our previous thoughts and deeds. There would be no new beginnings in our lives. Sleep offers us the opportunity to say goodbye to today and to open a new chapter in life that is neither predicted nor enabled by what we did and who we were up until now. To free ourselves of yesterday's constraints and build a new, recreated self. 

The amazing thing about a new day, is our ability to take it and make it the best. 

And even if you voted for us yesterday in the Naples Daily News Choice awards, I urge you to get your family and friends to vote as well. Today is another day! Thank you for voting!


Wishing you blessings, 



Rabbi Fishel and Ettie Zaklos