Touching Lives Building Legacies

My Dear and Esteemed Community Members,

During the Chabad of Naples 10th Anniversary celebration, I was given the ultimate honor of being named Donor of the Year. However, it has occurred to me that in my association with Chabad Naples I have always been more of a recipient than a donor. I have always received much more, perhaps in an intangible way, than I have given. Seeing a building bearing my name and that of my husband is beyond anything I ever anticipated. My husband and I had always believed in anonymous giving and inheritance, but in this case I agreed to ‘go public’ in order that others could appreciate the joy and feeling of accomplishment I have, and to bring forward the donation in order to see Chabad Naples grow and flourish in my lifetime.

I did not make the donation spontaneously, impulsively, or without a great deal of thought. I knew there was a need and that with a flourishing organization like Chabad of Naples, that need would be ongoing. However, during my life when I had to make big decisions I had always asked myself: “Are you in, or are you out?” When the answer is, “I am in”, then I am ready to participate wholeheartedly.

How often in our religious writings do we hear the word “Hineni”—“Here I am.” Unless you were standing in my shoes during the presentation that memorable evening, you will never know the outstanding feeling of accomplishment and joy that I felt, just to be there when needed. Hineni. There are few events in one’s life that can produce that feeling, “It was worth it.”

I would encourage everyone to do a little soul (and pocketbook) searching, to try to join me in a “Hineni Moment” – answer the call. Contribute now, when you and your families can appreciate and enjoy all that Chabad Naples offers the community in your lifetime.

With love,
Carol Glassman