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”What began as a way to celebrate Shabbat and the holidays quickly became habit-forming as I found my spiritual home, warmly taken under the wing of the Naples Chabad family. Joining the Partnership Project is a very special honor, whereby I feel I am personally participating in a wonderful adventure, in a manner that I choose, to contribute towards Chabad Naples’ fine community works. And as Rabbi Fishel reminds us: No pressure!”
Carol Glassman

”We are pleased to state that our investment which began almost 13 years ago in the Chabad Center of Naples has produced huge dividends beyond expectation. Chabad Naples is a nurturing environment where everyone and anyone is welcome and embraced by all regardless of background or affiliation. As Chabad Naples approaches its second decade, let’s partner together.”
Rosalind & Morris Herstein

”Estelle and I are pleased to be Partners in the World Famous Chabad Naples. Although we recently moved to Aventura on the East Coast, it does not lessen our desire to support the efforts of Chabad Naples in its wonderful work educating and molding the character of the young children in their formative years … It feels good to write a check to Chabad Naples!”
David & Estelle Silver

”If you are seeking a place of meaning, warmth and joy, please come to the Chabad Naples …you will be met with kindness, you will feel contentment, and your heart will be touched. The only thing more wonderful than being able to support oneself financially ~ is to be blessed to help support Chabad Naples. sometimes I am so happy to be able to write this check that I want to SING!”
Marcy Babcox

”I feel so blessed to be a member of Chabad. It has been a year since I first came to services, and now I can say I have a new family. I have met such wonderful people. I'm always inspired every Shabbat.”
Trish Kaplan-Ross

"Being a Partner of Chabad is a gratifying way of showing appreciation for the many blessings and good deeds that Rabbi Fishel & Ettie bestow on the community. The Partner reception is a nice way that Chabad of Naples also recognizes you for being a dedicated link in our impressive future growth."
Ellen & Art Seigel

”Chabad is my spiritual home - as well as my home away from home. It is a house of Prayer, a House of Learning and a loving family. All are made welcome here! it makes no difference what level of observance you keep. There is no judgement. Rabbi Fishel and his beautiful wife Ettie are inspirational!

I am proud to be a partner in Chabad. Come and join us for joyous Shabbat Service and a wonderful Kiddush. I look forward to meeting new and old friends each week.

I urge you to come and join us as equal partners in this wonderful Chabad Center and enjoy some delicious chocolate, too! How sweet it is!”
Fritzi Thorner

"Chabad and especially the Zaklos family have made such a wonderful spiritual and Jewish impact on the city of Naples. From our first introduction to Fishel and his lovely family, our transition to Naples was made seamless. The Chabad "family" is warm and welcoming. What more could Jewish "snow flakes" who hope to be "snow birds" ask for?"
Nancy and Darryl Garfinkel

"My late husband & I met Rabbi Fishel & Ettie in their first Naples home. Thereafter it has been a "love affair" with the Chabad of Naples.

My husband Gerry was very instrumental in buying a permanent home for the Chabad & each Shabbat morning as I walk through the foyer I read the inscription on the wall as a dedication from my children & me in my husband's name to the Chabad,

What a remarkable endeavor Rabbi & Ettie!"
Lily Graham

"Be a partner in Chabad and you will see that what you give, you get back endlessly. On Saturday morning, there's no place I'd rather be."
Rhoda Balk

"Rabbi Fishel and Etti Zaklos radiate warmth and goodness to the Congregation and to the Naples community at large. May they continue their work in good health and happiness and may we all continue to be enriched by their presence."
Goldie & Ken Wetcher

"How fortunate we are to know Rabbi Fishel and Ettie and to be able to support Chabad of Naples. We've met so many wonderful friends and learned so much about our history and heritage. The sermons are always insightful and inspiring, and the Shabbos lunch is absolutely delicious. The day school is a virtual treasure trove for the young children. In many ways,a spiritual oasis in what can often feel like a secular desert."
Jeffrey Glassover

Preschool of the Arts is a gift, one for which our family will be eternally thankful.  For six years, Preschool of the Arts, our second family, has granted us with many gifts: an unparalleled education, an immense sense of security, gentle guidance and friendship, love, laughter and so much more.  With honor, we have watched Preschool of the Arts grow from a small, first-year school, to a thriving six-time Southwest Florida Choice Award winner!  We could not be more proud to be a part of and support the most deserving and influential group of educators and staff, whose inspiration has led us to the greater Chabad Naples family.  Unconditionally, Chabad grants these same gifts to the Naples community, warmly welcoming a diverse population, and creating a haven like no other." With love,
Liddy and Dan Sexton



Dear Rabbi Fishel & Ettie,

Now that Sandra and I are back in the cold “North”, we have plenty of time to think about our wonderful 3 months in glorious Naples, and the fond memories we have of the Chabad Naples, of the very fine people we met there, and of course, you and Ettie and all your family.
So I am taking this privilege of making a “Friend” contribution to the Chabad partner project, as I can think of no better organization to support.

You have always made us feel welcome, and it never mattered to you whether we came to pray, came to socialize, or came to eat. You made us feel wanted, and that’s why we have such warm feeling to you and the Chabad of Naples. Please stay well, and we will see you before this year is over.

Steve & Sandra Davidson


Though not observant ourselves, we have a strong connection to our Judaism and to Israel.

We are so proud of Chabad Naples, because Rabbi Fishel and his wife Ettie have created so much goodwill not only towards fellow Jews, but towards the outside community. As Jews, we don't want to be "The Other" in a gentile community, but rather a united community celebrating our differences. The wisdom, warmth and inclusiveness so generously displayed by the Rabbi, always makes us feel welcome when we attend one of the lovely functions at Chabad.

Thank you very much!

Barry and Eva Sands


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