The first time I picked up my son at JEP I asked him what he thought about Hebrew School. He smiled and said,"this place is awesome"!His response and interest grew throughout his second year. On Sunday mornings it is a joy to hear "can we go to Religious school now?" He displays a genuine desire to learn, enjoyment of activities and the feeling of a sense of Judaism each week. JEP provides a caring and nurturing environment that encourages learning while having fun. The children have made accomplishments and feel a great sense of pride.We feel so lucky to have our son be a part of this wonderful community. It is because of JEP our son has embraced his Judaism.

Lisa and Harold Lauber


Ben had joined the Chabad Hebrew School at the end of the year of 2005.

He loves it and can't wait for the next year to start.

Ben likes the activities at school, the stories told by Rabbi Fishel enriching his knowledge of the Jewish tradition, Jewish holidays and Jewish history, reading Hebrew (he already knows how to read Hebrew text), field trips and more.

With such great leaders and teachers at school I believe that every student at school fills the same way like Ben.

Thank you Rabbi Fishel and Ettie Zaklos.

Rami & Coki Yitzhak