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"Preschool of the Arts is a gift, one for which our family will be eternally thankful. For five years, Preschool of the Arts, our second family, has granted us many gifts: an unparalleled education, an immense sense of security, gentle guidance and friendship, love, laughter and so much more. We are proud to be a part of and support the most deserving and influential group of educators and staff”


With love.
Liddy and Dan Sexton

Heart-Pic-masters.pngThe best decision we have made since moving to Naples four years ago was sending our daughter Arrietty “Cricket” to preschool of the arts. It has become so much more than just a school.

Our daughter has grown exceptionally well under the guidance of the school’s wonderful teachers and staff. She has also already found what I believe will be lifelong friends. As parents, we also feel included and welcomed into this beautiful and inclusive community.

I couldn’t have dreamed up a more perfect school for Arrietty— and now our son Quincy. Our gift to Circle of Hearts is our tiny way of saying “thanks” and helping the school to continue its amazing programming.

Gwendolyn and Cory Carter

Heart-Pic-masters.pngAs a parent, all you can wish is that those you entrust to educate your children do so with the same love and commitment shown at Preschool of the Arts. With the continuing support of parents through the Circle of Hearts, Preschool of the Arts is able to enrich the school and the experiences it provides for our children.

Sarah and Neil Masters

”When my husband and I, Ron, heard that Chabad Naples had purchased a new building in the "heart" of the city of Naples, we were thrilled for the possibilities for our Jewish community and the greater Naples community as well. We toured the facility with Rabbi Zaklos and learned of the plans for the Preschool of the Arts. Immediately Heart-Pic-Levine.gifwe knew we wanted our Family to be part of this preschool by contributing and enrolling our son as one of the school's first students. Both of our parents have strong ties to education and philanthropy and we saw this as a way to honor them as well as contribute to our community.

Ettie Zaklos has done an amazing job developing, implementing and growing the Preschool of the Arts. The special touches Ettie has added made for an unforgettable time for our son. His favorite experiences include the Friday morning tradition of making Challah and celebrating Shabbat with his teachers and friends and of course, Morah Ettie.

Please join Ettie, Rabbi Zaklos and our Family in the Circle of Hearts for the Preschool of the Arts and donate so our community can continue to benefit from this very special place.”

Beth and Dr. Ronald Levine

”It began as a social conversation, such as, “How are things going?” when I learned of the great need for funds to start the construction of a new classroom for the Preschool of the Arts, for the School Year 2012-13. It was June and school would Heart-Pic-Glassman.gifbegin in August. The children were enrolled but sufficient space was lacking.

Is there anything more worthwhile than the education of a child? If you can help, would there be any better feeling of satisfaction? Familiar with the Preschool of the Arts and the programs that were being offered, I was totally confident in funding the classroom and knew my late husband Alex would have shared my feelings. As the construction and renovation took place, I was thrilled to drop in, watch the progress, and share the total excitement when the Cute Cassatt classroom opened on time. The excitement and pride of being able to help never wears off.”

Carol Glassman


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