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Portions of this information are provided by Lynda Stewart, Academic Dean for Maimonides Hebrew Day School and Beverly Leah Mitchell, Kosher Food Alert Coordinator for Chabad of SW Florida

How do we relate to God’s creation for Shabbos? The first day God created Heaven & Earth. The heavens give rain for the food. The Earth prepared for food growth with nutrients and minerals. The second day God created the waters and the seas. The water provides growth and sustenance for food, vegetation, animals and man. The third day God created light and darkness: evening, Maar’v service; morning, Shachait service and afternoon, Mincha service. The fourth day God created the sun, moon and starts. Women begin Shabbos with light as she benches the candles. Men end Shabbos with a twisted candle for Havdalah. Sunlight is critical for vegetation to grow. The fifth day God created the birds, fish, vegetation, wheat and herbs. These foods we eat daily and on Shabbos to prepare in our kitchens: challah for Hamotze and grapes for wine for Kiddish. The sixth day God created man & woman to observe the Sabbath. The seventh day God created Shabbos, a day of rest. After God worked diligently to create His world for us, He gave us a day to learn Torah, as we do in our shuls, schools and home, and to be with family.

We have researched and compiled information to assist you in finding kosher foods and items locally. You can purchase these fresh or shelf foods in our local supermarkets and health food stores. Supplies of some items may be limited, so please don’t wait for the last minute. Plan ahead & order or purchase now to secure that you have what you want and need for your Shabbos, Simchas and upcoming Holiday. 


**Trader Joe’s located at 10600 Tamiami Trail in North Naples is a trendy California based grocery store chain now open at the Granada Shoppes on E US 41 in the old Borders Book Store. Take your time and browse for kosher shelf foods and wine. If a Kosher item is not in stock it can be ordered at the Customer Service Dept. Service Manager Bernadette Pauls can be reached at 239-596-5631. Go to the website for a complete list of the variety of foods and their kosher symbols grocery list. Trader Joe’s extensive list of over 4 pages is also available at the store to use as your shopping or ordering list. We welcome this new location for fresh Glatt Kosher poultry, ground beef, turkey, rib steak, and stew meat. As well as organic produce, shelf foods, frozen foods and so much more.

**Whole Foods in Naples Mercado Plaza can be reached at 239-552-5100. Julie Joiner or Jessica Varnes will be happy to assist with orders. They have an array of appealing kosher shelf foods and processed pastry and Glatt Kosher Valley fresh chicken and ground beef, frozen kosher items, as well as Gelfon shelf products and frozen dinners.

**The Publix at Market Place in Pelican Bay, Naples (8833 Tamiami Trail) Steve Micheli, Publix Manager, and his assistants, continue to serve the needs of their Jewish customers. We appreciate Publix ever expanding offerings throughout the year for kosher foods and additional items for special events and holidays. 239-596-0403

NEW expanded kosher wines in stock and discounted. See Gene Nichols, mgr. for 5% off 4 bottles, 10% off 8 or more bottles. o/u wines such as Borkin, Baron & Herzog from Israel, Recanati from California and Morgan David and Manachevitz.

The store continues to offer Fresh kosher meats and poultry, as well as oven ready meals and a variety of kosher cheeses by Millers & Haloam are now available. Beef Stew, and assortments of Meal Mart luncheon meats such as beef salami, pastrami, corned beef, baloney roll and beef franks are some of the newer items along with recently expanded supply of Empire turkey hot dogs and stuffed cabbage. Glatt Kosher and KJ beef & poultry in a variety of selections such as fresh whole chickens or selections of wings, breasts, cut up fryers and ground chicken breasts. Meat selections available include Brisket and Lean Ground Beef. In addition to fresh they also have frozen items such as Empire Cornish Hens, whole chickens and turkey and ground turkey, Fish includes Dagim filets, Flounder, Sole, Tapia, Salmon, Ocean Perch, White fish and Gefilte Fish Rolls.

The bakery is helping you observe our kosher traditions with frozen not baked o/u challah, marble, honey cakes, and assortments of pastry and cookies. You can call and place orders for Shabbos, a special event or holiday. Specify your KOSHER needs. In the Bakery Dept. contact Joel Crepo or Susanna Taska, or the Meat Dept. Mgrs. Raul Saldiyar or Jose Almanza, they can made arrangements to have a whole line of FRESH special made to order kosher foods with a 2 weeks’ notice. Special order foods need to be placed by Monday and it will arrive on Wednesday of the following week. The Publix at Market Place can be reached directly at 239-596-1982.

 Costco does carry some Kosher food, smoked salmon and other items.  However, it would be best to call them to see if they carry what you are looking for before venturing out!  (239) 596-6404 or (239) 596-6410.