Sanctuary Dedication & Celebration -
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Sanctuary Dedication & Celebration

The dust has settled. The Jerusalem stone gleams.

It’s finally here. Our Ark is home.

We owe so much gratitude to you, our community, for the monumental show of support so far. Together with the tremendously philanthropic Elias & Yitzhak Families we have raised $202,052 through our Matching Funds Campaign.

Our goal for the Sanctuary’s literal turnaround and the Torah’s new home is $350,000.

As we dedicated and cut the ribbon to our newly renovated sanctuary at Chabad of Naples, we now present the beautiful Donor’s Dedication Tablet that will forever adorn the entrance of this hallowed Sanctuary. Highlighted by the drawings of world-famous Chassidic artist, Michoel Muchnik, this elegant tablet will feature the names of all who will have contributed  “Chai”  or more to this vital and timely effort.

All previous and future dedications of $1800 or more will be recognized as a Leaf on the Tree Of Life. Donations exceeding $1800 will be recognized proportionately on the Tree of Life as Trunk, Branch, Water and Sunshine. The Tree Of Life is symbolic of the Torah itself, and will be prominently displayed in our Sanctuary as an eternal monument to the partners of this holy project.

Your contributions of any amount are welcome and appreciated.

Sanctuary Campaign Goal:
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Holy Furnishings

Our new Ark is a piece of art. It should be surrounded appropriately. That is why we are also launching the Holy Furnishings Project. On our Dedication Opportunities page you will find a list of options to cover the the $100,000 cost of newly appointed furnishings. Your name will be inscribed on your dedicated item in recognition of your generosity for posterity.