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THANK YOU! WE DID IT! We raised $1,011,703 for Chabad of Naples! Thank you to our generous matchers for making this a possibility, and a HUGE thank you goes to YOU for seizing the opportunity to do good.


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372 generous donors came together with contributions of all sizes to raise the final $500,000 to complete Phase 2 of our Big Build fundraising campaign, unlocking Jay and Patty Bakers’ $2 million matching challenge grant.

A heartfelt thank you to the 140 very generous donors who contributed towards the first $1.5 million, allowing us to make this final push and complete Phase 2 in 2022! In a tremendous show of unity and strength, over 500 unique donors stepped up to support us and grow the future of our preschool and community center.

This community is incredible.

We have now reached the milestone of $4 million raised of the total $6 million campaign, which is 2/3rds of the way there!

On behalf of every soul that will be inspired and ignited thanks to your investment, we thank you!

We are SO excited for 2023 and the future ahead.

We are hopeful to complete the final fundraising Phase 3 in 2023 and look forward to sharing more in the months ahead. If you have not yet had the chance to donate, we welcome your support. Every additional donation will now go towards completing Phase 3 of our fundraising campaign which will bring us to the Big Build finish line!



Are You Ready?

It’s time for something historic! It’s time to raise $1 Million in 15 days.

Have you heard about Chabad Naples and POTA’s Big Build capital campaign to add a 17,000 sq ft building to our campus. A place where children can learn, campers can play, teens can connect, and our community can gather and celebrate.

With new classrooms, experiential learning opportunities, and innovative communal spaces, this building will grow the leaders of tomorrow and ensure a vibrant community for years to come.

The total cost of this historic project is $6 million, which we have divided into three fundraising phases:

  • Phase 1: We are incredibly grateful to our visionary founding donors, Jay and Patty Baker, who have pledged $2 million to match an additional $2 million fundraised.
  • Phase 2: Raise $2 million to unlock the matching grant
  • Phase 3: Details to follow

Thanks to the generosity of so many, $1.5 Million has already been raised for Phase Two. We now need to raise another $500,000 to receive the FULL $2 million grant from the Bakers, raising a total of $4 million!

We can only do this with YOUR help.

Can you help us raise $500,000 to unlock the $2,000,000 match grant from Jay and Patty Baker? Let’s complete phase 2 in 2022 and begin construction in 2023.

Every dollar you give will ensure the best environment to nurture young minds. Your donation will enable the sweet sounds of children singing songs and celebrating their rich heritage. Your support will bring The Big Build to life, a building filled with the wonder and curiosity of our precious young children.

Every dollar donated will automatically be DOUBLED, thanks to the generosity of Jay and Patty Baker!

About Us

Chabad of Naples

Chabad of Naples is an educational and social service organization that provides an array of vital resources to young and old from all across the spectrum of the greater Naples area. Its doors are open to all – regardless of religious background or organizational affiliation. Together we can build a stronger, more vibrant community!

Preschool of the Arts
Preschool of the Arts is an award winning creative, progressive, Reggio-inspired early childhood center. Our purpose is to provide our students with the highest quality education in a secure, loving, and stimulating environment. At Preschool of the Arts, we create a warm, enriching, and nurturing early childhood environment to imbue our children with the foundation they need to mature socially, emotionally, and cognitively. Our unique curriculum and our carefully selected and skilled faculty bring passion, dedication, and a broad depth of knowledge to the work that they do every day.

Builders Of Tomorrow - Phase 1 Donors
Guardians $100,000+
Stuart & Sondra Avrick
Jeffrey Butzke
Jacqueline Simenauer
Champions $36,000+
Howard Ash
Philip & Arline Diamond
Philip & Maureen Heasley
Benefactors $18,000+
Stanley & Elizabeth Star
Nancy Kaplan
Joel Miller
Chuck & Michele Cohen
Jeff & Lisa Geyser
The Langsten Family
Patrons $5,400+
• Michal Wiesler
• Robert & Gwen Langley
• Joel & Marilyn Davidson
• Mary Aronin
• Matt & Rebecca Feinman
• Jerry & Sidney Katz
• Brandon & Brittany Kirsch
• Moses & Riva Barash
• Sama Hoffman
• Alan & Bonnie Ziskin
• Jace Cera’s Family
• Kermit & Jenny Sutton
• Grant Morse & Sam Ballachino
• Hewit & Brendan Rome
• Roger & Ksenia Saad
• Mark and Irene Gladstein
• The Mullaney-Page Family
Supporter $1,800+
• Grant Morse & Sam Ballachino
• Eric and Pam Goldschmidt
• The Greschler Family
• Jonathan and Helaine Landsman
• Viktor Dejanovski
• Raymond Fred and Linda Wilson
• Dr. Reisha Brown and Steven Falk
• Mark Gyetvey & Nadia Gavrilova
• Ivan Seligman
• Clement & Emma Soffer
• Wasserman Family
• Toby & Herb Kosloff
• Roz & Morris Herstein
• Tyler Korn & Rebecca Kosloff-Korn
• Valerie and Richard Leebove
• Mitch and Lori Steinberg
• Sheryl and Marc Guttman
• Jeffrey Glassover
• Nathan and Joanie Zuckerman
• Glenn Groat & Anne Marie Tremaine
Friend $360+
• Grant Morse & Sam Ballachino
• Kylee and Mike Brinkman
• Carl & Amanda Ivanelli
• Juniper Deja
• Terry & David Rayburn
• Melvin and Gail Ufberg
• Barry & Eva Sands
• Mauri & Judy Salzman
• Ilan & Renata Rubinsztain
• Charlie & Mary McLaughlin
• Gale Lazarus
• Drs Jay and Melanie Korn
• Michael Fish
• Lowell and Kathy Dunn
• Sam Blitz
• Chad Blitz
• Rhoda Balk
• Janna and Dan Kelly
• Norman Cohn
• Joel Treewater
• Dr. & Mrs. Louis & Tikva Wasserman
• Martin & Norma Rubin
• The Dimora Family
• Terry & David Rayburn
• Eric and Erin Iversen
• Brenda Wallace
• The Gail and Sheldon Goodman Family Foundation
• Fritzi Thorner
• Alex & Amy Zusmanovich
• Edward and Kelley Sharon
• Jamie Hartwright & Benjamin Wadham
• Jim and Nancy Abcouwer
• Jake and Natalia Hester
• Bob & Bren Agrast
• Hollis Galman
• Shirley Harrison
• Loris Dallal
• Saul Wilner
• Chuck & Phyllis Padolsky
• Donald & Belle Finfer
• Roger & Lana Withers
• Anonymous
• The Greenblum Family Foundation
• Jane Silverstein-Kiena
• Emmanuel Yashchin
• Denise Altman and Dr. David Greene
• Harold & Cynthia Goldfine
• Ken & Judy Goodwich, grandparents of Dylan & Zachary Threlkeld
• The Miller Family
• Brandon Kirsch
• Rena Barth
• Portman Family
• Doris Raymond
• Evelyn Hochberg
• Helene Weinberg
• Norman and Cristina Isaacs
• George & Cindy Rubin
• Elissa George
• Larry & Pamela Sifen
• Jan Kantor & Kim Ciccarelli Kantor
• Gary Lynn
• Gary Newman
• Steve and Sara Newman
• Robert & Terri Teitelbaum
• Adam and Tess Goldsmith
• Susan Regenstein & Barry Frank
• Mayer & Judy Guttman
• Lorel Martens
• Edward and Kelley Sharon
• Stanley and Carol Klein
• Leonard Stein
• Jack and F.E. Nortman
• Mike & Kylee Brinkman
• The Deja Family

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