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Why Should We Be Thankful?

Simply thinking about what we have could lead to our feeling thankful and truly uplifted when we consider family, friends, food and shelter - clean air, clean water to drink and electricity - the ability to enjoy physical activity - the recovery from illness. Just thinking about these things that we usually take for granted, or being without them for a while, could lead to a deeper appreciation and understanding of what we have when they are returned to us.  

Instead of regret for what we don’t have, we can arise each morning with joy, take a deep breath and marvel at the fresh air of freedom, and observe the many shades of green on the foliage as the sun rises to touch each piece.  We can visit a beach and hear the swish and lap of waves on the shore; we can watch the different shapes of clouds  moving across the sky and rejoice in them instead of obsessing over what we can no longer do now that we could do with ease when we were younger. We should relish and be grateful for what is still available and accessible to us.
We can open our minds and then open our hearts to all the good things with which G-d has surrounded us, instead of asking why we should be grateful. Then, let us ask ourselves why we celebrate Thanksgiving Day only once a year.
Happy Thanksgiving
Rabbi Fishel Zaklos 

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