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Let Shoshana be an inspiration!

Friday, 9 August, 2019 - 3:16 pm


When the sun sets on Shabbat, August 10, Tisha B’av,  the saddest day the year begins.  This is when we fast and pray and refrain from of regular activities as we recall the destruction of both temples.  As we personally and as a community reflect on  our past pain and suffering, in spite of all that we have endured and experienced, it is amazing that  our faith remains as deep as can be.  One of the core principles in Judaism is the belief  that  better days are ahead:  a world of universal peace, and peace among humanity. 

This  picture which has been circulating  in social media expresses this in a powerful way.  It  is worth sharing,   to  give you strength in your own journey, in the midst of the hate, anti-semitism and negativity. Stand up and be counted!  Let Shoshana be an inspiration!

Be fruitful and multiply!

Words form social media…

“In front of her eyes she watched Mengele taking her mother. Shoshana Obitz herself survived Auschwitz. After the war, she met Dov, who lost his wife and four daughters in the camps. They married and came to Haifa. She worked as a seamstress and helped him run the chicken shop. Shoshana just celebrated her 104th birthday and asked for one gift:  that all her descendants come together to the Western Wall.

Am Yisrael Chai!

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