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Will it be the Patriots or the Rams?

Friday, 1 February, 2019 - 5:02 pm

Dear Friends,   
This upcoming Sunday, tens of millions of people will tune in to watch the Super Bowl. Who will it be, the Patriots or the Rams?  
Regardless of who you may be rooting for, it’s a good time to learn some spiritual lessons from the game. As the Baal Shemtov teaches us that there is a lesson in everything we see and hear!  
So let’s dig in! In the game there are two sides, each side really wants to win. - In our existence, we each possess two opposing forces within, the ‘animal’ and the ‘Divine’, each one wants to win!
Here are some suggested lessons:

There are a number of ways to accomplish the goal.
"winning" takes a lot of smarts, cunning and planning. - Our dark side is sharp!
Keep your eye on the ball.
You have to study your opponent and be prepared.
If the other side gets the upper hand don't despair - as long as there's time there's hope.
You need to use your head but sometimes it's your legs that get it done.
A positive attitude is key.
You're not alone, it's a team effort.
When you win it makes all the hard work worth it.
A good coach makes all the difference!

With blessings for a warm and peaceful Shabbat

Rabbi Fishel & Ettie Zaklos

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