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Dear Friends, 

We have just recently commemorated Gimmel Tammuz, the anniversary of the passing of the Rebbe, where I prayed for our community and for all those who asked for prayers. I’ve been thinking a great deal about the Rebbe’s legacy and the impact he has made on the world. His influence is literally beyond anything we can ever imagine. And what the Rebbe accomplished wasn’t just with words: he actually encouraged families to move out to locales that were considered genuinely faraway places with no kosher food, no Jewish schools and so forth – in order that each family should help create a thriving place where people from all walks of life would come to join together and celebrate Jewish life.

I just returned from Vacaville, CA for a short visit to see my brother Chaim, his wife Aidel and their family.

Accompanying me were my two daughters Chayah and Hinda who will be attending their summer camp which many of their cousins and other children will be enjoying as well.

This was my first visit to see my brother and his family where they moved to establish a Chabad center nine years ago. Some of you may recall how Chaim, as a rabbinical student, helped us in Naples as we settled in.

Vacaville is a beautiful place with a lot of sunshine, surrounded by mountains, streams, and vineyards. We’ve had a bit of time to go out and enjoy the scenery, and we got a fun chance to go grape picking. There are approximately 500 Jews in all of Solano County and I am beyond thrilled and proud of what Chaim and his family are accomplishing there.

They purchased a building which they are renovating for a grand opening, two months from now. I am kvelling and rejoicing for their amazing commitment and love for the Jewish people and for all human beings, and for making a meaningful contribution to the Jewish community and the Vacaville community at large. ,  They also reminded me of Abraham and Sarah as we strolled through the town and they were recognized by people calling out their names.  

Rabbi Chaim and Aidel have truly become an integral part of the community, bringing goodness and joy to the town.

Although I speak frequently with Chaim, seeing his success with my own eyes was incredible. What a thrill, to go up in the cherry picker with him as the sign for the Chabad Center for Jewish Life was erected.

How privileged I feel to witness the blossoming of Chabad and Jewish life in Solano County, and how humbled Ettie and I are to play our own part in the beautiful growth we are witnessing in Naples.

Shabbat Shalom!


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