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This week, our brothers and sisters in Israel once again experienced what it means to live under the fear of war. Some communities in Northern Israel were woken up at 2:00 am by the sounds of missile blasts. There is also concern about the Gaza border. The country is on high alert and the army is mobilize.

This is good time to ‘check in’ to Shul on Shabbat - and touch base with the ‘commander’. Even if you don't use your Tefillin regularly, I encourage you to don them on a weekday during this period; the Tefillin represent our Jewish uniform and protective gear. Women and girls don't miss your Shabbat candles today, or any Friday, to add much needed light, during this challenging period.

Let us continue to stand strong with Israel and stand proud of Israel! Let us continue to be vigilant, resolute, and united in our love and support for Israel!  Whether by visiting the country, extending financial support for Israeli causes, speaking out on Israel’s behalf, or performing “mitzvot” - acts of goodness and kindness - to provide Eretz Yisrael with vital spiritual fortification; let us not lose sight of the fact that what we do here makes a difference there! For this perspective and course of action will serve to reinforce one of the most immutable and unshakable truths of human history - namely, that “AM YISROEL CHAI!”  - THE NATION OF ISRAEL LIVES - yesterday, today, always and forever!

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