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As we celebrate Mothers’ Day this week, my thoughts focus even more strongly on the incredible women to whom I owe so much.

A Mother’s Love Goes Both Ways -
We all know where we’d be without mothers and most of us realize by the second, minute, hour, day, week, month, and year just how much we owe to those biological and maternal figures who not only gave us life but continued to guide and influence us in positive ways as we matured. For some, the role never quits, even though we may be remiss in expressing to them how we feel as often as we should.
There is a poem that expresses it perfectly: ‘When You Thought I Wasn’t Looking' tells how each little caring thing that mothers do is noticed, even though the child may not acknowledge it at the time, and that ranges from the encouragement one feels when school art is hung on the refrigerator to the silent tears and smiles that mark each passing event. My own mother had a great impact on my life with her happy and joyful attitude, and it continues to this day.
In the same way, although she might think we don’t notice, it would be next to impossible not to see how Ettie is truly unbelievable with the strength she quietly exhibits while directing and supporting the Preschool, Chabad, our children and the community.
Mothers’ Day is just an annual reminder of the gratitude we should feel often for the loving foundation given to us by those maternal figures. May we always recognize it as a ‘two-way street’ and remember to show our love and appreciation in return.


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