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Still inspired by the powerful words of “Schindler Survivor,” Rena Finder when she shared her story at Chabad of Naples in 2016.

“Zachor” (remember), appears no fewer than 169 times in the Hebrew Bible!
On Holocaust Memorial Day, we take the time to reflect, honor and remember our survivors, those who were ruthlessly slaughtered, and those righteous souls who may have helped them, risking their own lives. How many of us owe our lives today, to some known and unknown heroes who stepped up and saved the lives of our ancestors?
The more we learn about the atrocities man was somehow capable of inflicting upon his fellow-man, the more we are left stunned and staggered by the scope of the evil perpetrated during World War II. As Jews, in particular, we continue to mourn the loss of six million of our finest souls.
“Never forget” is more than some catchy phrase — it’s a rule we must live by. We remember all the lives cut short during this terrible chapter in history, and pray the world never permits such tragic history to repeat itself.
Let us not underestimate the potential impact we CAN have upon the circumstances we DO find ourselves in. let us have the courage to speak out for decency and truth.
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