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Dear Friends,

Open your Rolodex and dust off your address book - surely you can find a few people whose lonely lives you can make brighter!  All it takes is a phone call, or even better, a short visit  with a warm smile to wish them a Happy Chanukah.    Bringing light and love to others is easy:  all it takes is a little time, a smile, and some kind words. 


Our Grand Chanukah Glow Festival  is more than a terrific walk in the park:  it’s also people coming together as a community, dedicated to bringing light, with a commitment to unity and peace -  that’s more like it!  Now more than ever we need your presence and support, we need you to lend your personal glow to light up our Naples area community. Be there, join family and friends  - Cambier Park at 5 PM today, December 14th for our community Glow-Along!

 Chanukah 2017 AC.jpg

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