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Dear Friends,

These holidays remind us it is the season of rejoicing and being happy. The prime message is that happiness is right here, in this very moment, if you are paying attention and exercise gratitude.
You don’t have to chase after extraordinary moments to find joy! When you see your children, it’s as if they were just born. When you see your spouse, it's as if  it’s your wedding day. With that in mind, let's come together and join for a joyous social evening on Simchat Torah to dance, celebrate and say L’chaim for this very special moment, AND a delicious buffet! 
All are welcome to come and celebrate with us at Chabad on Thursday evening at 7 PM. RSVP required. Office@chabadnaples.com
Celebrate with people who really know how!
• Delicious dinner buffet
• Children program ~ Torah & treats for Children
• Simchat Torah flags
* Memories that will last a lifetime
* All are welcome - No charge RSVP required 

Gold Sponsors:

Trish Adkins

Dr. David Greene & Denise Altman

Torah, Crown & Gold Sponsorships available  


For more information, or to be a sponsor contact the Jewish Center at 239-262-4474 or email office@chabadnaples.com
Rabbi Fishel & Ettie Zaklos 


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