Our hearts are in Uvalde, Texas

Thursday, 26 May, 2022 - 7:29 pm

Dear Friends,

There are truly no words.....

Our hearts are in Uvalde, Texas.

We are numb and so heartbroken by the senseless mass killing at Robb Elementary School in Texas. Looking at the pictures of the mothers outside the school trying to find out if their child is okay, is gut wrenching. We cannot begin to fathom this terrible murderous rampage and bloodbath of young children and their teachers. It has shaken us to our core. So many children torn away from their loving families.

It’s difficult if not impossible to deliver consoling words sufficient to help the grieving parents and survivors of the horrific, senseless massacre.

Our deepest condolences, thoughts, and prayers go out to all the grieving families and the entire effected community of Uvalde. May all those injured have a complete and immediate recovery and may the families of those taken in this horrific attack be comforted. 

Our thoughts are also with the heroic teachers who jumped in front of the line of fire to try to save their students lives.

As we ask Hashem to ease their pain and give them love and strength to face the future, we pray for world peace and an immediate end to violence throughout the world. We pray for the return of sanity to this troubled nation. We hope and pray that we can finally come together to work hand in hand to end this kind of madness.

The work ahead of us is hard and the road may be difficult, it starts at home and in our own circle of friends and our own communities.

May we, and our elected officials be inspired by the Almighty with the wisdom, strength and humility to take all steps possible to never have to experience such a tragedy again.

As we light our Shabbat candles this week, let us take a few moments to pray for the souls of these innocent victims — the children, the adults and for their families. 


Safety and security at the Chabad Naples Jewish Community Center is our utmost priority.

We are blessed to have a strong relationship with Naples Police Department who always check in to ensure the safety and security of our campus and our community. We have been reviewing our procedures with law enforcement to strengthen the measures that keep us all safe.

We are also deeply grateful to Dennis Harris of TriCorps Security, Head of Security at Chabad & Preschool of the Arts, who has decades of experience in law enforcement and has worked with us for the past eight years to secure our campus. He is an extremely motivated, detail oriented, and highly ethical security professional who is devoted to keeping our campus and community safe. We also thank Steven our security guard for his dedication to keeping us safe.

We have connected with Dennis and communicated with law enforcement over the last two days to review our procedures and strengthen security measures.

The safety of our students, congregants, staff, and community is our highest priority.

With prayers for peace and security,

Rabbi Fishel & Ettie Zaklos

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