Thursday, 26 May, 2022 - 7:23 pm

Dear Friends, 

Our Lag Bomer celebration and BBQ was a huge success, in spite of one tiny glitch. 

One of the customs at a Lag Bomer event is the lighting of a bonfire, signifying the bringing of spiritual light into he world. 

How were we to accomplish that? Knowing the rules and regulations about fire lighting in Naples, we consulted with our friendly and always so-accommodating Naples Fire-Rescue Department Chief Pete Dimaria. Pete and his amazing crew are always on hand to help throughout the community not just with fire fighting and other safety measures but also with prevention and education, as shown by the occasions when they work with our Preschool students. 

Well, in the ‘heat’ of the day, my message that the necessary equipment for the bonfire wasn’t delivered. I was surprised when a huge fire truck manned by Battalion Chief Adam Nadelman showed up, and I had to apologize quickly for the lack of bonfire equipment. 

As I began to explain the significance of the event and the bonfire, I noticed Adam was especially interested, and much to my surprise he identified himself as being Jewish and having had a Bar Mitzvah. 

Then it became clear - why Adam was sent to celebrate with us, bringing his own kind of light to brighten and unify the community. 

We said special prayers and welcomed him, knowing although the reasons are not always immediately clear, G-d has a plan and we just have to lean into it and accept it. 

Adam brought his personal spark to light up our celebration and make Lag Bomer even more memorable.

Shabbat Shalom

Rabbi Fishel & Ettie Zaklos  

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