Keeping the Promise

Sunday, 26 December, 2021 - 7:29 am


Keeping the Promise

Some years ago, this precious Holocaust Torah came into our possession as a gift from Sam and Trudy Adwar. Like many precious gifts, the Torah came with a history and was received with a promise.

In 1940 the Torah was buried in the ground in Warsaw, Poland. After the Second World War it was resurrected and brought to the United States by Mr. Barney Holms. He donated it to the Central Islip Jewish Center where it was held until 1970. When Temple Beth Am opened in Brentwood, Long Island, this Torah was passed on to them.

In 1978 the two temples merged and the Torah was back in the hands of Mr. Holms who was the president at that time. In late 2004 Temple Beth Am closed because of lack of membership. The Torah was given to Sam and Trudy Adwar by one of the remaining members who was a friend of theirs.

In 2006, the Adwars contacted us after hearing about our progress and plans to expand our Chabad Jewish Center in Naples.

They indicated their desire to donate the Torah to us, hoping to fulfill a wish that it become an integral part of a vibrant Jewish community for people of all ages.

This was very important and meaningful to us when we met with them at their home, as we always envisioned an energetic teaching component to our center, filled with laughing, learning children.

When we brought the Torah to its new loving and beautiful home here, it was sadly in need of major repair.

Fortunately, this was undertaken and sponsored by Sam Savage and Ellen Goldman Savage and Ben and Rachel Federman. Through their generosity we have been able to dedicate and use this Torah.

The promise we gave the Adwars was that we would create a beautiful home and center for the Torah in a thriving Jewish atmosphere and I believe we have kept the promise.

We have stayed in touch with the Adwars and when Trudy recently came for the first time, to see our active and blossoming center and how the Torah is honored here, she was so proud and well assured that her trust in us was well placed.

Unfortunately Sam Adwar passed away, but there is no doubt that his Neshama is proud of this gift and his Neshama is shepping Nachas from on high and that it brings comfort to his neshama to know that this Torah has the kind of home it deserves.

By providing a home for the Holocaust Torah in this way, we honor the lost souls of the Holocaust and perpetuate Yiddishkeit in the hearts of our children.

As we read from this Torah on many special Shabbats we ensure the continuation of many lives: Am Yisroel Chai!

Rabbi Fishel Zaklos 


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