May we share simchas with each other

Thursday, 16 December, 2021 - 7:28 am

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Dear Friends,

You know that experience of feeling overwhelmed with gratitude for the blessings that surround you? We hope and pray that all of us have that experience often- and ideally, actively create that experience by savoring our blessings every day.

But there are some moments in time that stick out; that dazzle us with their beauty and their richness.

This weekend is turning into one of those moments as Ettie and I feel full of gratitude to be celebrating our dear daughter Hinda's bat mitzvah this Sunday.

Indeed we are humbly grateful to be at this beautiful milestone, celebrating our dear Hinda's transformation into a young Jewish woman.

It humbles us to see this extraordinary girl, born and bred here in Naples, carry herself with such dignity and grace and pride.

And feeling so grateful to our beautiful community who has watched her grow alongside us- it does take a village.

So indeed, we thank Him for the blessings of family, and our dear friends who have become our family.

We give our gratitude an address- to the Giver of all that is good.

What truly makes a simcha complete, is the ability to share it with family and friends. This is a precious gift that cannot be overestimated.  It takes the joy and the nachas to an altogether higher level.

Whether you are joining us in person or spirit, please know that you are an integral part of our celebration. We hold each and every member of our Naples family in our hearts, and do not take the ability to celebrate this precious milestone with you for granted. We will be thinking of you when we say L'chaim, and saving you a dance!

May we, as a family, always share these wonderful simchas with each other.


Rabbi Fishel and Ettie 

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