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Our world is full of Mona Lisa’s

Friday, 3 July, 2020 - 7:28 am

I'm sure you need no reminder that this is the July 4th weekend.

Things are different this year, but that doesn't mean we can't celebrate: just being alive and able to enjoy some of those magnificent sunrises and sunsets is a real bonus! Being able to start the day enjoying the glory of the morning and end it with a sky so rich in color it seems unreal, fills the heart with joy.  

In between those two spectacular events, let's sit --- socially-spaced with friends and family and discuss all the wonderful freedoms we enjoy in America and how we should never take them for granted. At the same time, thinking of all the hours of stress and distress we have endured recently - I am sure we can contrast every negative event with a thought of a random act of kindness performed for us or by us. 

In 1911, the Louvre Museum in Paris fell victim to one of the world’s all-time great art heists when Leonardo Da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa” was stolen. It remained missing for two years and in that time, more people went to stare at the blank space where it had previously resided, than had viewed the masterpiece in the previous twelve years! 

Human nature reveals so much. All too often, we fail to appreciate precious realities in our midst. Yet when they are taken from us, we become painfully aware of the ‘blank space’ in our lives. 

The truth is that our world is full of Mona Lisa’s, countless blessings that grace us daily, yet all too often we are oblivious to them … 

The Midrash asks what the definition is of a non-spiritual person? Answer: someone who is not alive to the wonder of G-d’s creation. 

If you have the awareness to thank G-d for the ‘Mona Lisa’s’ in your life, you are going to be alive with spirituality, let’s endeavor to collectively do this rather than focus on the blank spaces. 

Prayer reminds us that there is an abundance of heaven here on earth. We should open our eyes and treasure the ‘works of art’ all around us.

We are surrounded by many good and giving people and in turn, have many opportunities to return the favor.  After all, America is a land of opportunity - let's make use of that!

Happy Fourth of July - and stay safe!

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