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Make sure your candle is lit.

Friday, 20 December, 2019 - 11:04 am

Are you ready for Chanukah?

Chanukah seems simple enough: We light the Menorah, eat some latkes and play some Dreidel; then add gifts and a family get-together to round off your Holiday.

Actually, it’s much richer, and more complex, than that simple equation.

On Chanukah we light the menorah specifically after it is dark outside. The point is to bring light to the darkest places of our lives. Instead of ignoring them, denying them or running away from them, we are tasked with changing them.

The easiest way to transform darkness is to add light. On Chanukah we are given an extra does of light from above to make miracles happen and we are given an extra dose of courage to venture into those places of paralyzing darkness and fear.

Let's all take advantage of the moment. Make sure your candle is lit.

We want to personally wish each and every one of you a Chanukah and holiday season filled with friendship and traditions. May the warmth and glow of each candle make your heart and home happy and bright. We are so lucky to have you in our community! 

Shabbat Shalom with Love & Light,

Rabbi Fishel & Ettie Zaklos



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