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With prayers for peace and security

Friday, 13 December, 2019 - 2:11 pm

As we celebrate Shabbat tonight, let us not forget about our brothers and sisters in New Jersey, reeling from the heart-wrenching shooting in Jersey City.

Our aching hearts are with the families of all the victims, especially the young orphans. We pray for the complete and quick recovery of those wounded.

Following an investigation, police believe the Jewish market, was the target. Anti-Semitism rises - there may be a lull, but it is inevitably re-launched again and again and again. This time at a Kosher supermarket in Jersey City.

The hearts of every single member of our Chabad Naples Family are united with the loved ones of the generous, gentle and precious souls who have tragically passed.

Let's be sure to honor their precious souls and connect with our community and family; hug them, spend some more time with them, and affirm to the world and affirm to ourselves that we are stronger and more united than ever. This Shabbat do something you may have not ordinarily done, to demonstrate your Jewish pride.

We take so much for granted, depending on our brave law enforcement men and women everywhere, who leave their homes and families to "do a job" each day, never knowing which pillow their heads will touch that night. We pray for their safety.

May we, and our elected officials be inspired by the Almighty with the wisdom, strength and humility to take all steps possible to never have to experience such a tragedy again.

With prayers for peace and security.

Shabbat Shalom with Love & Light,


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