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Dear Friends,  
In just 8 days, the Naples community will be witnessing something special - the birth of a new Torah. Written exclusively for the Naples community, by the Naples community.

The Torah is the holiest object that exists in our world, infusing our world with hope, promise, morality, and goodness. Most of all, it infuses the world with spiritual light and G-dliness.

Every time a new Torah is written, the scribe must look into a previously written Torah and copy it letter for letter so that ultimately, each Torah can be traced back to the original Torah scrolls written by Moses.

When a new Torah enters a community, it brings with it a spiritual light that uplifts every one of its residents. It is like a Divine “light switch” that brings with it blessings for revealed goodness in all areas of children, life and health, and financial success.

Come be a part of this experience and see for yourself what you missed at Sinai.

Write a letter in a sefer Torah and fulfill one of the 613 mitzvahs that tells us to “write a sefer Torah.” Think how wonderful it would be for you or your child to know that one special letter or word was “written” by your family.

If you would like to dedicate a letter, word, section or book of the Torah in memory of a loved one or in honor of yourself or someone you love, please give us a call at the office or log on to our website at www.chabadnaples.com/unitytorah

This event is free and open to the entire community. Please encourage your friends and neighbors to join you as well. we look forward to seeing you at this celebration.
Yes, we know it’s Superbowl Sunday, but we are planning a super event of our own! And you will have time to do both!
Rabbi Fishel & Ettie Zaklos 
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