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Dear Friends, 

Our thoughts, prayers and hearts are open and one with all the victims and their families of the mass shooting in Las Vegas on Sunday night. Nothing can explain or justify the murder of innocence. A little light dispels darkness and love triumphs hate. During the shooting, hundreds of brave citizens risked their own lives and ran into harm's way to assist the wounded and help total strangers. First responders acted bravely and quickly to save lives and stop the carnage. Thousands of fellow Americans have offered blood and millions stand united with love and support of Las Vegas and everyone affected. May G-d give strength and comfort to the victim's families and loved ones. 

With heavy hearts Ettie and I continue sending love, prayers, and condolences to the survivors for their losses, as the toll of precious lives climbs.

With the loss of each soul, a precious light is extinguished here on earth.
We can only hope to bring the light of reason and learning to comfort each other in a world of darkness. Surely each of us can appreciate the intensified need to bring the light of human kindness to illuminate our saddened world.

Please, take a moment to say a chapter of Psalms , speak to G-d and ask Him to heal the hearts that have been broken, the lives that have been shattered and the fractures in our society. By adding in kindness and good deeds, may goodness prevail over evil and may we know of no more pain and suffering...
We hope everyone had a good and meaningful Yom Kippur and we have been sealed for good blessings and health! What a High Holiday season! High Holidays 5778 was our most exhilarating one yet. All the preparation. All the praying. All the logistics. All the spirituality. All the people. All the meals. All the sitting. All the hellos and goodbyes. All the standing. We had beautiful services, there was strong prayer energy and great spiritual vitality felt by all. We are now getting ready for the start of the Sukkot holiday, which begins tonight. Sukkot is the time to feast and rejoice! 
While High Holidays 5777 is now a thing of the past, hopefully the inspiration is not. 

Please see all our Sukkot Events and Services below, We hope to see you.

Happy Sukkot!
Rabbi Fishel & Ettie Zaklos 
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