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G-d is Everywhere

Friday, 17 March, 2017 - 1:47 pm




G-d is Everywhere

Although we don’t need proof of G-d’s overarching presence, it’s always pleasantly reassuring when we get a sign.

As Mendel, Yitzi and I were going around town giving Shalach MANOT for Purim — and I am truly grateful for my enthusiastic helpers for bringing the real message of Purim: joy, love to our friends, family and community - a wonderful thing happened.

As we were passing by on 5th Avenue, a fellow named Jake called out, “ Hello”. As we spoke he said that an hour earlier he had asked his friend Bar where to go to a Purim party --- in Naples? They just moved to town.

He said to us in these words, "I promise you I know G-d sent you."
How happy we were to be able to invite them to our special Purim Party tomorrow!

Is there a message here? Of course there is! All you have to do is go out and spread the joy and you will lift up both yourself and others. Furthermore, is there any doubt that G-d listens? Call out, ask for what you need, and you never know. G-d has His ways!


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