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Yes, I also do headstands:)

Friday, 17 March, 2017 - 12:25 pm



 There’s an old phrase, “Stand on your head and spit wooden nickels”.  It  referred to accomplishing an impossible feat.  Although spitting nickels of any kind is beyond my capabilities,  Purim is a time to shake things up a little.  It’s a holiday that teaches us that  the days of sadness will be transformed into joy, so sometimes we have to turn our lives upside down,  stand on our heads,  and gain an entirely different perspective on life.  In addition to disrupting things temporarily by my  juggling, yes, I also do headstands. What can we possibly learn from this?  Our topsy turvy world doesn't always have to be out of control:  we can change it, put it right, and stand it on its feet once again.   


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