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This week’s Kiddush is being sponsored by Chabad in Honor of Dr. Mark & Lou Moskowitz.

We sadly bid farewell to two very special people who are moving to England.

Whether Dr. Mark was practicing as one of the most loved and prominent oncologists, or Lou's art work was being enjoyed and appreciated, or as they served as one of the founders of Chabad, this couple has been an integral part of our lives.

There is a Chassidic saying that we never say good-bye, because although we may be far apart physically, if our bond is spiritual in nature then we can be 4500 miles away and still be as close as ever.

I think it’s safe to say that this is the nature of Mark and Lou with us and with the community: they are leaving positive indelible footprints and will always be part of our lives. Of course we will miss them but their impact has been so deep and they have affected so many appreciative people, whose lives have been made happier, their personalities will be woven into the fabric of this community.

So “Tzeischem L’sholom” – go in peace!” Go without fear and apprehension, secure in the knowledge that your next journey will be as meaningful and as impactful as this one has been. And Boachem L’sholom – arrive there in peace!”

And may all of your days ahead be filled with good and pleasant times, with meaning and purpose, with love and harmony, joy and tranquility – and above all, with the very best of health with which to enjoy these blessings to the fullest.

Your Naples family will always hold a place for you in their hearts.


Comments on: We never say good-bye

Laura wrote...

Wishing them all the best as they travel to their new home in England. Our community is grateful to the Moskowitz's for their total dedication to patients battling cancer here. It takes an incredibly strong couple to balance life and work, and they inspired us every day. Thank you Dr. Moskowitz for treating our Dad with dignity, kindness, and respect through every minute of his fight with cancer. You made a positive difference in his life, and in his outlook of his future, too.
Mazel tov on your next beautiful adventure in life!

Mark and Lou Moskowitz wrote...

Thank you for the touching words, Rabbi. You, Ettie and our Chabad family have been there for us for 9 years. G-d bless and keep all of you!
Mark and Lou