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That's me as a young boy receiving a dollar from the Rebbe (my younger brother is standing in front of me).

This Saturday, June 20, I will be in New York, at the gravesite of the Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, of righteous memory, my teacher and mentor. I will be joined by more than 50 thousand people from across the globe who will be visiting the Rebbe's holy resting place on this auspicious day.

This day marks twenty one years since the passing of the Rebbe, of righteous memory. At this site we traditionally ask for blessings, pray, and give thanks, as is customary when we commemorate the Yartzeit of a righteous person. If anyone wants a prayer, please let me know and I will make blessings as well on your behalf. All of us can pray to G-d to whom we are all equal: to pray and seek blessings at a holy place such as the resting place of our dear Rebbe and mentor makes it even more meaningful. (Services will be on as usual led by our very own Aharon Granovitz).

Although I find it too difficult to capture his essence in words on paper, I will say that His leadership was always with his contagious smile and selfless love. Where many saw separation and discord, the Rebbe saw unity; those whom others shunned, the Rebbe embraced with unconditional fatherly love. The Rebbe cared for another human being because he saw the G-dly spark in each of us and the great potential of goodness that lies within. He dedicated his life to bringing the inner light of as many human beings as possible, to the fore. 
Even after his passing in 1994, it's fair to say that - through his thousands of students spread all over the world - the Rebbe continues to inspire millions - Jews and non-Jews alike - to bring a little more goodness and kindness into the dark world we live in. His legacy truly lives on!

It was this mission of love for every individual and a vision of a perfected world that inspired our lifetime move to Naples, FL. We carry not only his memory but his messages with us on a daily basis.

Yestedray, June 18th was a landmark day!  Just ask my mother:  it's the day she brought me into the world.  How many years ago? It's a secret, but I'll give you a hint: it has the double meaning of life. On this very special day I felt extremely blessed and pledged to continue to bring light and comfort to the community. My decision to become a rabbi was not made lightly, and each year I assess and reassess, ways in which I can not only continue to serve the community but improve how we do it.  

When I look around in amazement at this beautiful Alex & Carol Glassman Chabad oasis that we have created together here in Naples, FL, I know that what we see today and all that follows in the future is a credit to his blessings and guidance. As I stand at the ohel (gravesite) with a threefold mission -- prayers, blessings, and thanks -- I know I am fulfilling part of his dream and mine. 


Comments on: fulfilling part of his dream and mine

Gedaliah Shlomo wrote...

Travel well, be safe. Shabath Shalom

Roz & Morris wrote...

Dear Rabbi Zaklos:

You are not only fulfilling a dream but also inspiring all simultaneously for which we are blessed to have you and Rebetizzin Ettie in our community. May Hashem continue to bless you and the Chabad family of Naples.

Roz & Morris Herstein