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Never too young to do a mitzvah!

Sunday, 7 March, 2021 - 8:10 am



Never too young to do a mitzvah!

When a call goes out for volunteers to help with a project at Chabad Naples, we are never disappointed both with the quantity and the quality of the people who step forward.

This was the case about two months ago when we heard about the problems people were having trying to get the Covid-19 vaccine.

We began putting together a team to assist anyone who needed help securing an appointment or assistance in getting there.

From the onset many of our dear members led by Bruce and Sue Yankow and Thais Wulkan Alcalay began working tirelessly to help, and still are to this day.

But sometimes help comes from unexpected sources. That’s when one of our Hebrew School students, young Tori Fuchs volunteered.

When Tori heard about this endeavor a few weeks ago, she told me she is handy with computers and she wanted to help with securing appointments as well, and that she would do everything she could to get them.

We divvied the lists of people and for a few weeks she has been working non-stop to make as many appointments as possible, taking on one group after another.

This week when I met her at Hebrew school, I thanked her as I have received many calls from people, grateful for what she has accomplished on their behalf. When I asked Tori how it was going, she said she was “tired but I am so happy to do it”. She wakes up early, when the enrollment begins online, and gets working on it.

We are so proud of our Hebrew school student Tori for taking this on! What a thoughtful mitzvah project, preceding her Bat Mitzvah, and how amazing to take the initiative to be help and think of others!

We said that we couldn't guarantee success but thank G-d we have been able to help almost everyone who reached out to us, to get the vaccine.

We are so grateful for our success and wish to thank all those who gave their time and energy, helping us to help others.

If you know someone that still needs help, please let us know, and either Tori or others will call you and help get it done. In general, if you know someone who needs help in some way, please contact us: we are here to help at Chabad Naples.


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