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Determined to get some much-needed fresh air and exercise, Yitzi and I dusted off our bikes this afternoon and with great aspirations, headed out for a lengthy ride.


Within a short distance, I began to feel as if something (besides my rusty muscles) was amiss. With my superior mechanical knowledge (big joke here) I deduced thatthe brakes in the back were practically touching the tire and as a result it was very difficult for me to ride.

I had to work extra hard and surely it wasn’t good for the bike either. We continued for a short distance before coming to a halt.

Now anyone who knows me is aware that I don’t own a tool, and if I did, I wouldn’t know what to do with it! For the life of me I cant fix anything. I have tried many times for the love of Ettie in the house, but at a certain point I am just not capable.

We had no tools with us and even if we returned home it wouldn’t have helped.

Looking for assistance, we stopped at a gas station and they couldn't help. Then we drove a little farther and we saw a Comcast truck. Grabbing my mask, I asked the technician if by chance he had something/anything like pliers to help.

This gentleman who said his name (but I couldn't hear clearly behind his mask -Frank?) said of course, and after spending a minute, sent Yitzi and me on to a great bike ride.

I felt as if I were gliding, where before I was stuck.

There is an obvious message here: a little help goes a long way when you are feeling stuck, whether it comes in the form of a little help, a smile, or the loan of a pair of pliers.

Take the time to lift someone up and send them gliding on their way.



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