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The Jewish Community of Greater Naples is fortunate to have congregations that each inspire and teach us. The Jewish Federation of Greater Naples applauds the leaderships of our congregations in helping our community through these challenging times due to the Coronavirus. This is a true sign of community solidarity as we each work to build our community TOGETHER!

Jane Schiff, Board Chair Jeffrey Feld, President & CEO

Jewish Federation of Greater Naples

Dear Friend(s),


Kol Ha-Olam Kulo Gesher Tzar M’od, V’ha-ikar lo l’fachad k’lal

“The whole world is a narrow bridge, and the main thing is to not have fear.”

That teaching from Reb Nachman of Bratzlav resonates with us during this time. We feel the narrowness of the world, we sense its fragility, yet we also seek to live by our hope, not our fear. Toward that end, the ordained Jewish clergy of our community have come together to send you this message in partnership with the Jewish Federation of Greater Naples.

We all value the importance of pikuach nefesh, protecting human life. Motivated by this core Jewish value, we recognized the importance of social distancing as a response to COVID-19. Over the last two months, our congregations have gone to new places in order to care for our community. In lieu of our traditional interactions, they have engaged with classes and programs over Zoom, worship online, food access programs, and distance pastoral care. When it is all said and done, we will emerge from this experience stronger, more appreciative, inspired, and better prepared to face the future. We have learned many times throughout history that simply because we haven’t physically been together, it in no way infers that the bonds which unite us and the connections we feel are any less strong in the absence of physical gathering.

We look forward to being able to be together again. Like you, we miss having our community and friends gathering together. Each organization will make its own decisions regarding a timetable for moving forward. Understanding the importance of safeguarding life, we will wait patiently for our state and local officials to establish safe protocols for us to come together again. In the meantime, we urge everyone to continue taking appropriate precautions, wear masks and maintain social distancing when going out for essential needs, continue to maintain social distancing when walking and exercising outside, refrain from communal gatherings and continue to be vigilant with hand washing.

Our sages tell the story of King Solomon searching for a message that could inspire hope as well as provide humility. Solomon is given the answer, “*gam zeh ya’avor – *this too shall pass.” This plague of COVID-19 will pass in time. Know that our Jewish community will be here, remaining strong together. Until that time, stay safe and be healthy.

Shalom re'fuah u'vracha - wishing you peace, health, and blessing,

Cantor Donna Azu

Temple Shalom of Naples

Rabbi Ariel Boxman

Temple Shalom of Naples

Rabbi Ammos Chorny

Beth Tikvah

Rabbi Mark Gross

Jewish Congregation of Marco Island

Rabbi Howard Herman

Naples Jewish Congregation

Rabbi Adam Miller

Temple Shalom of Naples

Rabbi Fishel Zaklos

Chabad of Naples


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