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In G-d’s eyes we are one!


People needed help and other people came to help them.

Sometimes it takes adversity to force us to open our minds and our hearts and accept, that in G-d’s eyes we are one!


All I need to say is: 12 Boys. You know exactly what I am talking about! 

Imagine how you would have felt if one of your children had been caught in the caves in Thailand.

Imagine how you would have felt, if you were one of those children or the coach, in a dark cave without enough food or water, or any hope of being rescued.

Imagine how you would have felt if you were one of the divers or part of the team sent to rescue them under such hopeless circumstances.

Today we heard the amazing news that all of the boys and their coach are now safe. Only some of the rescuers and divers from the team still remain in the caves.

How many times were relatives and friends about to give up hope?

How frightened and abandoned must the children have felt?

How many challenges and setbacks did the rescue team face, until they broke through for the first time?

It’s all about faith, courage, teamwork and technology.

As people came forward from all over the world, offering personal skills as well as technology, there was no question about age, gender, race, nationality or any other divisive identity element — ‘people’ needed help and other people came to help them.

The rescue was nothing short of a miracle and as we thank G-d for hearing our prayers, our thoughts are with the family of the courageous Navy SEAL who lost his life in the effort. 

Volunteers from countries all over the world participated in this effort, and Israeli technology contributed by supplying special underground communications units.

Sometimes it takes adversity to force us to open our minds and our hearts and accept, that in G-d’s eyes we are one


Teaming with Success and our Powerful Prayers

We hope you all enjoyed a fun-filled July 4th with your beautiful families! We are ever aware of how fortunate we are that G-d gave us the USA as our home. We cherish these blessings and make every effort not to take them for granted.

What a contrast it was to hear of the entrapped soccer team of children in an underground cave in Thailand! Many of us have been (and continue to be) glued to the media, hoping and praying for news not only of their miraculous survival, but now also of their rescue. How incredible to learn of the bravery and determination of the Navy Seals and the divers from Thailand who risked their lives and sacrificed so much to keep these kids alive!

I believe that one of the major keys to the kids’ survival for nine long days before they were found is that they were a team with a coach. TEAM spells out:
T – together
E – everyone
A – achieves
M – more

So at the same time we celebrate INDEPENDENCE, we must be cognizant of INTERDEPENDENCE and strive to be there for one another, not only during trying times, but whenever the opportunity or need arises.

Teamwork enabled the Thai youngsters’ survival and discovery. And teamwork within the Jewish people (and within the community at large), as we care for one another and are exemplary citizens, is the key to our success, today and forever.

We continue our powerful prayers for these young people who hopefully will emerge unscathed very soon from the cave. Again, profound thanks to the brave Navy Seals (one of whom already made the supreme sacrifice, unfortunately) and our prayers that they, too, should be saved.

Shabbat Shalom with Love & Light,

Rabbi Fishel & Ettie Zaklos
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