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May the light continue to shine


 Dear Friends,


Without a doubt, Chanukah 2018 at Chabad was the biggest in both attendance and in successfully reaching out to and servicing every corner of the community. From the children to the seniors in assisted living and in homes, and beyond. We strove to bring light and blessings to the entire Naples area, and after Chanukah, our goal is no different; we will continue spreading Chabad's trademark warmth far and wide; may the light continue to shine.

It is so appropriate that we read in this week's Torah portion how after 20 years of animosity, resentment and hurt, Joseph and his brothers finally reunite and Joseph forgives his brothers. It’s a powerful moment when Joseph reconciles and reassures his brothers that they didn't send him to Egypt; that ultimately, it is G-d Himself that sent him there to fulfill his unique mission as Egyptian viceroy and to bring blessings to the world. Now more than ever, in this fragmented world, we need this mindset!

What's one big difference between kids and adults? It is well known that kids don't hold grudges; adults do. In a moment of anger, a child might say to Mom or Dad, "I hate you!” And then a few hours later, all anger and "hatred" is forgotten. Adults, on the other hand, hold grudges and refuse to talk to people for years, missing all kinds of once-in-a lifetime events, estranged from family members. Why? Seemingly it should be just the opposite, as kids are immature and adults are mature. The simple answer is because kids would rather be happy than right, while adults would rather be right than happy.

Let's be kids(at least in that sense! :) Let's learn from the unity in the Chanukah story how beautiful it is when we are together! Why deprive ourselves of the love of someone close to us just because we want to be right? There is nothing to be gained from that! Forgive as Joseph forgave, let go, bring love, and share joy and happiness.


Rabbi Fishel & Ettie Zaklos 


P.S. This year we will once again be holding a "YEAR-END MIRACLE MATCH CAMPAIGN" - December 17-18. Stay tuned for details of this exciting opportunity to TRIPLE YOUR YEAR-END CONTRIBUTION!


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