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Between BITTER and BETTER is just one letter

Today was special here at Chabad of Naples, where hundreds of people walked through our doors and we celebrated the blessings for which we are grateful, not only during Thanksgiving but all year. Our preschool children performed flawlessly and sang Hinei Ma Tov, how beautiful when brothers and sisters come together. This is an ideal thought, and one we should all have in mind especially with Thanksgiving at hand.  

    When you think about it, the difference between BITTER and BETTER is just one letter.  Everything depends on attitude, and the way we react to trying challenges will make us either bitter or better.  This message becomes even more significant now, when we are beset by so many unknowns. Let us become better not bitter as we rise from a long season of such divisiveness and angst.  We need each other’s support now more than ever before. We know that times have caused ups and down, conflict and disagreements. We also know that we don't control our circumstances but we do control how we react to them. Let us make an effort to come together today, tomorrow and moving forward and be more kind to each other, treat each other with respect and thereby determine who we are as individuals and as a nation The choice is ours to make — it begin with us.

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