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it’s our turn to shower them with blessings




As you can imagine, dear Family, our Annual Galas always require a great deal of preparation and planning.  However, take it from me personally; it is always a labor of love.

Preparing for the big event on March 18 is truly a joy, because it is a time when Chabad and Preschool can say a proper thank you to everyone and join together to say L’chaim for the family and community coming together.

For me, it’s a reunion where we hope to see all our honorees, past and present.  But we also want everyone in our Chabad & Preschool Family to attend, to give special recognition and thanks to the Honorees of this year, 2015:  

Ellen Goldman-Savage & Sam Savage; Ovadia Roni & Moriah Elias; Kathy Abraham.  

These people are the epitome of kindness and devoted to helping and bringing so much light to the lives of this community. Each in his or her own way has stepped forward, initiated, and provided leadership.  Each has contributed so much to our community and to our children.  Now, dear Family, it’s our turn to shower them with blessings and honor. I can’t wait for the community to come forward and show them all the honor they deserve.




the special mother who raised this woman


Dear Friends,

This is a special Shabbas for the Chabad Naples community. The center is named the Alex & Carol Glassman Chabad Naples Jewish Community Center. It’s Carol's mother’s yahrtzeit this Shabbas. Bertha, Rivka Bas Tzvi, Grad was the special mother who raised this woman to be aware of others and their needs. The results of her lessons have brought so much joy and many blessings to our community. May her neshama be comforted as she sees the blessings.

Wishing you all a good Shabbas.

Rabbi Fishel & Ettie Zaklos




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