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Frozen? Join the warmth of the Menorah!

Chanukah is coming, and in the last few days is has almost felt frozen! But let's keep focused:  "frozen" is just the theme of our big event -- not the way we celebrate Chanukah in our homes with family and friends, gathered around the warmth of a Menorah enjoying a beautiful family time.  As you rejoice after the evening candle lighting, pause for some family time to relax with singing, dancing, playing with the dreidel, and of course, eating latkes! These are the events you and your children will cherish and remember forever -- make them  memorable.

We are looking forward to celebrating Chanukah with each of you at the 'Frozen Chanukah Festival',
click here for details.

We light the first Chanukah candle this Tuesday evening
click here for our mega Chanukah website.

Need a Menorah or know of someone who does?  Just call our office! We'd be happy to supply it.

Rabbi fishel & Ettie Zaklos

Global warming personally speaking

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Chanukah always arrives in the season to be --- cold? This year, while we in Naples, Florida celebrate our version of Frozen Chanukah in a warm climate, we cannot help but wonder if that warmth has penetrated as far as it could:  are we warm on the outside, yet a little frozen and numb inside when it comes to our daily actions? Doing a  mitzvah is very similar to chipping away at a block of ice -- little by little, one deed after another, we can make a difference. Mitzvah by mitzvah, one step at a time, every single one counts. Ice can be formidable, but not impenetrable. As we begin to thaw, we become more aware and open our minds,our eyes and our hearts to those around us. Other people's needs could be as simple as a ride to the supermarket, or just a little company and attention for an hour, deeds that could be easily accomplished by a helping hand in the course of a day.

On Chanukah, as we kindle our personal lights as well as our large ice Menorah, let us be open and aware of the warmth and enlightenment we enhance in our own homes as well as what we bring to the community.

Frozen Chanukah is one opportunity for us to put our best snow boot forward into the community -- can you help? Volunteers are needed for setup on Tuesday, Dec. 16 at Cambier Park. All mittens on deck! If you can lend a glove, please contact Kim at the Chabad office by phone or e-mail. Bring your fellow snowmen! 

Rabbi Fishel & Ettie Zaklos

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