By the Grace of Hashem

Dear Friend,

Safety and security at the Chabad Naples Jewish Community Center in  is our utmost priority.

Chabad staff is in regular contact with the Naples Police Department and with our private security firm to ensure that everything is being done to maintain the absolute highest standards of safety at Chabad's facilities. After the attack in Pittsburgh, we convened with our Security Committee - including staff and community leadership - in order to review all of our procedures and make changes or enhancements as necessary.

The following security upgrades are being implemented, effective immediately:

Private Guard - armed security: our Security Guard (Anjel) may search your bag. We kindly ask that nobody argue with the guard about procedure or have discussions with him, as his attention needs to be on security not on friendship. Please convey this to your children as well.

Greeters: Members of the community will be at the door with Anjel to identify "regulars" and approved guests. Members will rotate throughout the day.

Facility Access: The lobby door will remain locked during Shabbat. The only point of access will be through the parking lot door on the south side.

Child Supervision: Unless your child is in a supervised Youth Group, parents or caregivers must supervise children, especially when they are on the playground. Supervision is not the responsibility of Chabad Staff or Security.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation as we go through this phase of establishing and ensuring the most effective security and deterrent methods and procedures. There will be more recommendations made as we move forward, and we will keep you updated.

We sincerely thank those families which have come forward to contribute toward the cost of the upgraded security apparatus. If you are able to contribute toward this important cause, please do so at www.chabadnaplescom/security - and thanks! If you would like to speak with Ettie or Rabbi about this project please email [email protected]

We pray that G‑d's protection going forward becomes very apparent to anyone who seeks to cause harm, to the point that we will once again be able to enjoy the "open" and welcoming atmosphere that is the hallmark of Chabad, to the fullest extent possible.

On behalf of the Security Committee -

Rabbi Fishel & Ettie Zaklos
Arthur Seigel